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Robert Lowry's Education, Experience, Publications, and Patents


  • B.S. degree in Chemistry. M.S. degree in Inorganic Chemistry.


  • 32 years in semiconductor manufacturing, including 10 years as Senior Scientist responsible for corporate Analytical Services Laboratory.
  • 8 years as independent consultant to more than a two dozen clients in the microelectronics and medical device industries.

    Selected Recent Publications/Presentations  --  Author or co-author of the following:

    “Examining internal gas compositions of a variety of microcircuit package types & ages with a focus on sources of internal moisture”, SPIE Photonics West, 7206-01, January 24-29, 2009, San Jose, CA.
    “Gas Analysis of Hermetically Sealed Enclosures”, IMAPS 2008, Providence, RI.
    “Hydrophobicity”, Minnowbrook Microelectronics Conference, 2006.
    “Tin -- Back to the Future”, Minnowbrook Microelectronics Conference, 2005.
    “Critical Surface Properties by Microdroplet Contact Angle”, Minnowbrook Microelectronics Conference, 2004.
    “Analysis of Volatile Gases in Hermetic MEMS Enclosures”, ISTFA Desk Reference Supplement, 2002.
    “Reducing Top-of-Die Plastic Delamination by Assuring Pre-Mold Cleanliness of Die Surfaces”, Proc. ISTFA, 2000.
    “Sources and Control of Gases Hazardous to Hermetic Electronic Enclosures”, IEEE Trans. Elect. Pack. Mfg., 1999.
    “Evaluation of the Resistance of Individual Silicon Die to Cracking”, Proc. ISTFA, 1998.
    “Identifying Plastic Encapsulant Materials by Pyrolysis IR Spectrophotometry”, Proc. ISTFA, 1998.

    Patents  --  Inventor or co-inventor of the following:

    Measuring moisture content of hermetic semiconductor devices, 4,272,986
    Enhancing silicon etching of alkali hydroxide by addition of positive valence impurity ions, 4,781,853; 4,859,280
    Bonded wafer processing, 5,362,667; 5,517,047; 5,728,624
    Bonded wafer processing with metal silicidation, 5,387,555; 5,569,620; 6,909,146
    Radiation hardened dielectric for EEPROM, 5,808,353; 6,130,172
    Bonded wafer processing with oxidative bonding, 5,849,627
    Decapsulating method and apparatus for integrated circuit packages, 6,054,012; 6,457,506
    Laser decapsulation method, 6,335,208; 7,166,186; 7,316,936
    Hydrophobic Circuit Board Coating of Electrotransport Drug Delivery Devices  --  Pending
    Method for gettering solvent vapors from sealed microelectronic enclosures  --  Pending


    Able Coil and Electronics



    Alza Corp.

    International Resistive Company

    Silicon Light Machines


    Intersil Corp.

    Smiths Aerospace



    Solitron Devices

    Controlled Semiconductor


    TJ Green Associates

    Fairchild Semiconductor



    Gennum, Inc.


    Vacuum Energy

    Harris Corp.






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